Trail Blazing: Brewing “functional beer” for an active lifestyle.

Trail Blazing: Brewing “functional beer” for an active lifestyle.

Trailblazer bike ride

The Story

I was sitting by a warm campfire on a clear spring evening. Legs sore, clothes muddied and damp, body weary from another long day in the saddle. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to cracking an ice-cold beer to toast another great day on the trails.

I was about 200km into a 760km bike-packing trip—the BT700—a legendary backcountry cycling route that circumnavigates the heartland of southern Ontario. 

Backcountry preparation is all about packing for function. Our gear, clothing, and supplies were all painstakingly chosen for their purpose and multi-functional design. Every item had an occasion. Our food was no different: meals were chosen for their high calories, their lightweight and packability, or their nutritional value. 

I was thinking about this as my friend handed me a cold beer, which only had one purpose: to toast the occasion. While that is one hell of a purpose, I couldn’t shake the idea that maybe a beer could be something more… Something functional.

Bike meetup

rally beer on ice

The Beer

Luckily, I had another 560 kilometers to marinate the idea. By the time I was off the bike, I was well on my way to creating Rally Beer Company. Our flagship beer, Trail Blazer, is a crisp, slightly sweet unfiltered golden ale, brewed with pure Newfoundland sea salt, and a heavy dose of blackcurrant (a natural superfood chock-full of electrolytes). All of its functional ingredients are intentionally designed to replenish your body after a good sweat. I truly believe there is no better post-session beverage—a sentiment that is consistently validated by our tight-knit community of athletes and adventurers.

The recently released Extra-Mile Session IPA is a light, citrusy pale ale absolutely bursting with flavour. For the conscious beer drinker who loves their hops, Extra Mile pours a brilliant hazy-gold and clocks just 99 calories per can. At 3.5% ABV, it is an exceptionally light-feeling, crushable beer. The ultimate beer for the bold and playful.

Both Trail Blazer and Extra Mile have one thing in common: they are purposefully crafted with function in mind. Our mission is to push the envelope on what people can expect from their beer. Rally represents an evolution and the pursuit for better. 

stand up kayak

man running trailblazer

The Lifestyle

We are a team of outdoor adventurers who love nothing more than to set the out-of-office on and fire up the GPS. We want to inspire people to lead active, healthy, and balanced lifestyles. We strive to promote passion and foster community. We want our beer to bring people together and set individual achievement apart. 

We care deeply about people and the planet, which is why we launched Rally For Good, the social impact engine of our organization. We focus on environmental conservation, mental health advocacy, and building strong inclusive communities. Through meaningful partnerships with people and organizations aligned with our Rally For Good mission, we consider ourselves to be Canada’s only purpose-first beer company.

I hope you enjoy our beer, because we really love making it. Post-sweat or no-sweat, Rally is here to give you kudos for being you.

See you on the trail!

—Alan Wood